The Lighter Side of My Life…

While working in Dubai I meet different people as a marketing specialist. This is kind of routine thing for me. I however come across situations where I am sitting with professionals and I find them complaining about their health. To me they look fine, this was a very confusing situation for me and I used to think that my friend and colleagues are thankless and or maybe this is the trend in Dubai where people most of the time complaining. I had to change my thoughts when I myself had to go through some unexpected health issues that were new to me. I started noticing the slow body response, avoidance towards work, not keen to eat even if someone would keep my favorite dish in front of me and restless night with little or no sleep. I was initially very much worried and thought that this may be some sort of major illness and I may have to stay hospitalized.

Physiotherapy Treatment Dubai

In hunt of cure I booked an appointment with my GP over the phone who is my friend as well. He asked me over the phone about my illness and after knowing the symptoms, he said to that mate, you need to see a physiotherapist. The situation was still blurry; anyways I booked an appointment with a Physio for my physiotherapy treatment Dubai needs.

When I met the Physio I was worried that what would be the conclusion as far as my illnesses is concerned. But after a thorough check up the Physio told me that you have worked with an over exaggerated passion which is kind of a norm in Dubai markets. We forget to give ample attention to our physical fitness. He prescribed me a couple of massage therapies, a good evening or early morning walk, socializing and maintaining a balance between work and rest routine. I was amazed with these physiotherapy treatment Dubai tips shared with me by the Physio and to my surprise when I started applying those tips I felt the improved right from day one.