Future Of Rehabilitation Medicine

Just like disease and disability is not something new, similarly the treatment methods and the use of alternative medicine is not something new. Because of the increase in the number of complications due to the pharmacological management of the disease, there are more complications arising from the treatment itself, than from the disease. Which is why, the people are trying to switch to the non-pharmacological treatment options that have more benefits, and fewer side effects to offer. This is especially true for those parts of the world, where there is more advancement like Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, where people are getting more aware about the health problems, and there is a rise in the level of awareness and education about the potential conditions and the treatments available to combat those conditions.

Physiotherapy Dubai

One of these methods is the physiotherapy Dubai based treatment that uses movement in order to alleviate pain and control or treat disability. This field is making rapid progress, which is why the future of it is very promising and bright. Here are some of the predictions for the rehabilitation managements for 2017:

  • The trend of consolidation will reinforce in the future, and allows the physical therapists to be at the very top of their “referral management game”. The referral has to be strong and proper so as to merge it into the existing network.
  • The small or independent practice will decrease and may get rare in the future, as the bigger systems are more appealing as well as significant in providing the treatment as well as for decision making.
  • The International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems that is ICD-10, will not have much of a technical influence over the physiotherapy Dubai based methods.
  • The use of standardize functional outcomes will be more in practice than it had been in the past, so that the decision making process will not only become easier but also improves and becomes beneficial.
  • The existing therapists therefore have to reinforce their skills as well as understand the financial outcomes of the management so as to plan the treatment protocols and duration according to the affordability of the client.
  • The origin of more proactive physical therapy group will be witnessed in the future.
  • The use of manual treatment will be more in action, and the mechanical section will also improve and transform.

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