All You Need To Know About Trigger Point Massage

Muscle contraction is not considered a big deal among people. However, it can cause considerable pain if not treated timely.  Generally, it can happen any time owing to wrong posture, overuse of a group of muscles or injury. There may be some other reasons too.

So, if you are suffering from muscles contraction due to trauma, stress, inflammation, or electrolyte imbalance, you should consider getting the massage in Dubai to get relief from triggered points.

Nevertheless, there are many health benefits of trigger points massage therapy. The massage therapy can help you to get rid of severe muscle stiffness and pain in order to regulate body movement.  Not only this, it improves the quality of life by enabling you to perform your work activities efficiently.

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Importance of Physiotherapy for Healthy Life

Everyone understands the terminology of physiotherapy. However, a little is known about the history and evolution of physiotherapy as an important field of medical science.

The starting point of physiotherapy to heal people was immediately after the World War I. so; it was a rapid cure response towards the destruction and mutilation of human beings. With the passage of time, the importance of physical treatment is recognized giving it a status of the essential medicine.

The chief objective of physiotherapy is to assist people in getting rid of chronic pains, aftershocks of panic incidents and old age problems.  Not only this, the scope of physiotherapy is widespread as it can be used to treat many health issues.

Although this treatment is getting popularity owing to its drug-free nature, still many people are not fully aware of its benefits. Broadly speaking, the treatment of physiotherapy Dubai is aimed at rehabilitation of patients with physical and psychological illnesses.

Therefore, physical therapies are highly useful for the recovery from injury, disability or lack of mobility owing to sports injuries or accidents.

Importance of Physiotherapy for Healthy Life

What is Physiotherapy?

  • Physiotherapy is a drug-free cure
  • It is a holistic approach towards the restoration of health
  • Physiotherapy helps the patients to get rid of poor physical movement
  • It helps in the regulation of body functions in case of disability
  • It is useful to eliminate body pain and prevents injuries in future

A Little Known Fact about Physiotherapy

  • World Physical Therapy Day is September 8th
  • Physiotherapy came into being as a response to WW1
  • Hippocrates is consider the father of Physiotherapy
  • Water Physiotherapy was a famous method in the past
  • Obesity can be eliminated by physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy involves rigorous homework
  • Vertigo was cured by physiotherapy for the first time
  • Physiotherapy offers various psychological benefits
  • Physiotherapists are professionally qualified

Health Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • Physical disability and Polio
  • Pelvic diseases related to bladder and bowel issues
  • Lung diseases and breath problems including Asthma
  • Neck and backbone pain owing to displacement of spinal disks
  • Loss of physical mobility owing to accidents, sports injury or trauma
  • Brain and spinal related issues, memory loss, lack of concentration
  • Fatigue, irritation, mood swings, pain and other psychological issues
  • Physical problems related to joints, bones, and orthopedic diseases
  • Physiotherapy is successfully used in arthritis, ligaments and amputation
  • Heart-related diseases such as valve closure, cholesterol control, etc.


Massage Vs. Physiotherapy – Key Differences

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years as a natural way to relieve pain and reduce stress in the human body.

Physiotherapy, on the other hand, is a more recent science that focuses primarily on restoring free movement and flexibility in the joints caused by several kinds of medical conditions, and old age.

The two practices might seem fairly similar, but the techniques used in physical therapy treatment are administered by a certified therapist, who has studied the anatomy of the human body in extensive detail. This makes physiotherapy an exact medical science.

Massages in Dubai, on the other hand, use more freestyle techniques aimed at stretching tightened muscles and reducing the negative effects of stress.

To better explain the two techniques, we’ve prepared the following infographic which details the differences between each method and the great benefits of each.

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What are the Global Trends in Ayurvedic Treatment?

In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.

Henri Frederic Amiel

Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy and contented life. However, human beings are prone to experience pain and diseases. In order to get rid of such an adverse condition, they devised different healing mechanisms.

When the diet is wrong and medicine is of no use, turn to Ayurveda. The core concept of Ayurveda is based on eat healthy, move well, sleep routinely, love yourself and repeat the process again and again till death.

The Ancient Cure: Ayurveda

Ayurvedic is the one of the prominent healing methods for the treatment of both physical and mental illnesses.  It is an old treatment science dates back to around 5000 years from now.

The nature and therapies of Ayurveda are considered a blessing from the God for the whole mankind owing to its benefits.  It is the fact that ancient treatments are not vanished but revive over the time getting a global acceptance.

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Nevertheless, the science has been utilized by Ayurveda Dubai as a self-determining cure exploiting its full potential.  It is famous for its unparalleled capacity of healing multifarious illnesses starting from physical to psychological.

International Recognition of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an Indian led treatment but its popularity has gone beyond boundaries.  The treatment has gained global popularity owing to its amazing capabilities.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has internationally recognized its important giving it the status of Traditional Medicine (TRM).

Further, recent statistics related to Ayurveda indicates a remarkable growth in the past few years. It is considered a renaissance of Ayurveda showing 10-15 % annual growth. According to a survey, approximately 15000 herbal and Ayurvedic products are imported by the UAE alone from India.

Modern Methods and Techniques in Ayurveda Therapies

However, the culture and traditions are changed with the passage of time.  The essence of ancient science remained the same.  Novel trends are introduced to keep the Ayurvedic cure alive among people.

It gives it augmented popularity as the treatment is not rigid but highly flexible to get adjusted into the daily routine of people.  Therefore, contemporary trends in Ayurveda are shaping the future of the treatment making it immortal.

Ayurveda as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Many medical experts have dedicated their lives to make this ancient treatment popular among the people. They did that because of the stunning health benefits of Ayurveda.  The advantages and plus points of the treatment make it more than a science – a wisdom.

The major principles of Ayurveda are testing every now and then to clarify its impact on human health. Luckily, this experimentation opened new avenues for the researchers, herbalists and medical experts to cure many diseases successfully.

Amalgamation with Technology

The role of technology cannot be ignored in Ayurvedic therapies. It has stimulated the use of modern methods in traditional therapies bringing innovation with ease.

Not only this, introduction of advance technology in Ayurveda has further stimulated the growth of Ayurveda by keeping people aware. It will not be wrong to say that technology has played significant role in revitalizing Ayurveda in modern societies.

The use of technology gadgets is quite useful in increasing the pace of healing process. Further, the acquisition of natural herbs and other required ingredients has become easy with the help of technology.

So, technology is always in trends no matter it’s the physiotherapy or Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic Nutri-cosmetics

Nutri-cosmetics is a novel trend in Ayurvedic therapies. The terminology is used for the diet recommended to eat and drink during the treatment.

It is pretty simple, during the procedure of Ayurveda healing; people are suggested to eat healthy natural food. There are some specific products used during the treatment in order to get better results.

In the past, people were just suggested to eat natural food but this is quite difficult in the present times. So, Ayurvedic experts and medical specialists have designed specific intake ingredients to meet the requirements of therapies.

The trend is expected to gain more popularity in the future years owing to its effectiveness.

Concluding Thought – Take Away

The ever increasing acceptance of Ayurvedic treatment across the world is owing to its effectiveness. The therapies have a proven track record of healing complex psychological issues and chronic diseases.

It has emerged as an autonomous field of science bringing the people close to their nature. However,the mounting popularity of Ayurveda Dubai is a result of continuous hard work and developments made in the previous years.

Remember! The more you adopt healthy lifestyle based on Ayurveda, the more happy years you live in your life.

An Ayurvedic Overview Of The Human Body (The Sharir)

The Tridosha Theory, i.e. the theory of the three doshas is an integral part of Ayurvedic diagnostic procedures. Every cell of the human body contains the three doshas, i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. An imbalance of vata can cause anxiety, fear, and nervousness. If pitta is out of balance, this can lead a person towards being angry, hateful and jealous all the time. An imbalance of the kapha can result in a person congested and greedy.

Ayurveda Dubai – based practitioners recommend that people modify their behavior and diet in order to restore the balance of their trishoda. Not only that, Not only that, the person will also have a balanced mind and be flexible. They will be intelligent and will able to lead, and they will be forgiving and loving.

If you believe in Ayurveda, then think of your body as its own universe, consisting of elements that must exist in harmony.

An Ayurvedic Overview Of The Human Body (The Sharir)

We all know what the human body is. After all, we all have one. However, the Indian traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda offers a vastly different perception of the human body, compared to how it is visualized in European biomedicine. In fact, Ayurveda compares the human body to the universe and conceptualizes it as a system of five basic elements.

The five Ayurvedic elements, or the “Panch Mahabhootas,” include:

Aakash (Ether)

Vayu (Air)

Agni (Fire)

Aapa (Water)

Prithvi (Earth)

The physical integration of these elements is known as the three doshas:


Composed of air and ether, vata controls our bodily movements and mental functions.


Comprised of fire and water, functions of the pitta are connected to body temperature, our digestive system, and metabolic activities


Consisting of earth and water, kapha is associated with building the body’s tissues and preserving its immunity.

An Ayurvedic Diet Can Lead To Healthy Eating

Diets like the Atkins, gluten-free and Paleolithic diets have been all the rage within Dubai’s health-conscious community in the recent years. However, there is a new diet trend that has been emerging in the city, which could potentially prove to be far more promising.

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Whether you are looking forward to losing the weight you put on during winter, or you simply want to lead a healthier life, an Ayurvedic diet is worth considering. This “science of life” not only a blueprint for how you should eat, it even advocates a better way of drinking water, and it recommends specific herbs that you can grow at home.

What Are The Core Principles Of An Ayurvedic Diet?

 If you decide to adopt an Ayurvedic diet, you will essentially be modifying your cooking and your meals according to your particular body type. In Ayurveda, this is referred to as a dosha and there are three of them, namely:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

Ayurveda Dubai based practitioners believe that any distressing physical symptoms that a person experiences are a result of a disruption in the harmony of one of their doshas. For instance, if you have a skin rash or suffer from gastrointestinal problems, there might be an imbalance in your kapha.

How & What To Eat To Balance The Doshas?

An Ayurvedic diet should not be mistaken for just eating food from the Indian subcontinent. However, you can still eat Indian foods that Ayurveda considers healthy, such as khichri, which is basically a light yet nutritious lentil and rice dish.

If the chair you are sitting on is uncomfortable, you will likely change it or go sit somewhere else. Ayurvedic eating is all about consciously. Unlike other diets though, you will not be left feeling deprived and unsatisfied.

Examples of what you should eat according to your dosha, include:

  • If you have a vata body type, i.e. tall, slender, and perhaps a bit underweight, then you should consume hot and warm dishes like hot milk, cooked vegetables, and soupy foods. Cold, crunchy and dry foods, even raw vegetables, should be avoided.
  • If you have a pitta body type, i.e. athletic, medium build and height, and toned, you should consume more juicy fruits and vegetables with high water content like cucumbers. Acidic foods, coffee and vinegar should be avoided.
  • If you have a kapha body type, i.e. overweight yet physically strong, then you should consume high-fiber foods and lots of vegetables, and also use more spices in your cooking. You may have noticed that you have a slow metabolism, so fats, oil, and salt should be minimized.

As referred to in Forbes, Ayurveda Dubai -based practitioners also recommend growing these Ayurvedic herbs at your home, both to use in your cooking and as an activity to reduce the stress in your life.

  • Chamomile
  • Holy Basil
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint

How Should You Drink Water?

First and foremost, drinking water with a meal, right before or immediately after it, should be avoided. According to this “science of life,” our body contains “digestive fire” that must be periodically quelled. So, at least half a cup of water should be slowly sipped and consumed every half hour throughout the day, perhaps even more during summer. Drinking hot water, or tea prepared with a herb like lavender, before going to bed, is also recommended.

Conclusion – Eat Healthy Without Starving Yourself

People in Dubai often give up on a healthy diet because it makes them feel miserable. An Ayurveda does not want you to be famished and malnourished. Rather, it wants you to eat according to your body type, while also following common and well-known principles of a healthy diet, such as avoiding processed foods.

Sports Massage Therapy, Why Athletes Should Try It?

Relying on medication and visiting the GP more often than not may not be an easy and smart move to start with, especially when one can get rid of unenthusiastic physical fitness issues with the help of few gentle rubs and soothing massage therapy session.

In UAE markets, this trend is becoming a norm. People are now becoming aware of the adverse affects associated with medicine and they don’t want to fall for such solutions that may make things further worse for them.

It seems that they have find a right and timely solution, i.e. massage in Dubai that is soothing, calming and offers them with comfort levels that they require to be up and ready for a fresh start, each time they are short of energy. Book yourself a massage session today and feel the change within your body and performance from the very first session!

Sports Massage Therapy, Why Athletes Should Try It?

Consistent performance may not be an easy ask, especially when one is operating in complex and demanding markets of UAE and that too as an athlete. Things may not be possible for one with tired, stiff and stretched muscles. Avoid medication and think about a perfection session of massage in Dubai offered by expert masseurs.

Areas that can be improved with the help of great massage therapy are:


A perfect massage session is going to improve your body moves and make it flexible.


Blood circulation can be improved only if you rely on professional masseurs.

No Pain:

You can reduce the level of joint and muscular pain. Avoid headaches and backaches too.

Improve your sleep:

No need to toss and turn the whole night, get in to bed and forget about the world.


When your body and mind needs it the most, go for a massage and relax!

Massage Today – Work Tomorrow!

massage in Dubai

Things you need to do before going for a good massage in Dubai:

1. Avoid eating food just before having a massage.
2. Leave early, so you can make it on time, rushing may take longer for you to relax!.
3. In case you are allergic with oils, creams and lotions, you must inform your massage therapist.
4. Don’t be shy, you must report any discomfort during the massage session.
5. Try not to get off too fast of the massage table, your muscles may not ready for quick moves.
6. Drink sufficient water after massage.
7. Try to go for massage on a weekend.
8. Don’t take shower immediately after massage.
9. Prefer herbal massage therapies like Ayurveda.

While working in complex markets of UAE most people have this one habit in common, i.e. going for a good massage every once in a while. This enables them to shape up and fine tune their body for it to be able to cope with the day to day tasks and workload.

They believe that going for a good massage in Dubai enables them to press that refresh button which enables them to get rid of the stiffness and tiring feeling. The rise in demands for such services has encouraged experts and professionals to enter UAE markets from all over the globe with huge variation in massage therapies.

Here it is important to mention that people with medical conditions such as physical injuries like sprain injury, stretched tissue, muscles that are pulled and other similar conditions may consider physiotherapy Dubai oriented practices instead. Massage practices are meant to provide one with relaxed feelings and shoving away stiffness and stress caused by workload and hectic routines.

Physiotherapy – Add Life To Years!

A body blessed with perfect movements and physical levels that are the need of day, especially in complex markets like those of UAE is always going to make it to the set standards and targets.

Physiotherapy Dubai oriented practices are therefore catching the attention of many people each day. They are now well aware of the reasonability and perfection that can be found in the various physiotherapy services that are being delivered in this part of the world.

Physiotherapy Dubai

Get Your Body Healed With Ayurvedic Techniques

History of Ayurveda:

The word “Ayurveda” comes from the two Sanskrit words: Ayur meaning ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge or science. It originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. This mode of treatment is gaining popularity in the western world.


Benefits of using Dubai Ayurveda services:

The major benefits of using Ayurveda services in Dubai are as follows:

Body Healing:

The major benefit of taking Ayurvedic treatment is the improvement of body’s healing mechanism. Our body has the ability to rejuvenate, repair and heal the natural balance, which is the main purpose of the treatment.

No artificial medicines:

The treatment in Dubai uses plant based treatments and medicines, so the treatment is effective and safe. There is a number of herb-based medical treatments available that are used in the treatment.

Minerals used in the treatment:

The minerals used in the Ayurveda Dubai treatment are given as follows:

  • Purified sulfur oxide
  • Purified yellow arsenic trisulphide
  • Purified red cinnabar sulfide
  • Mercury powder ground with pure sulfur
  • Purified iron oxide
  • Purified iron ore oxide
  • Black salt
  • Purified antimony sulfide
  • Purified conch shell oxide
  • Potassium chloride
  • Purified alum
  • Purified copper oxide
  • Purified tin oxide
  • Purified zinc oxide
  • Barley plant 

ayurveda minerals

Tried and tested methods:

Ayurveda has been in practice for almost 3,000 years. A medical practice that has been practiced for such a long time is a tried and tested method, and thus proves to have no side effects and provides effective remedies for the ailments. When compared to other forms of medicine the side effects are very minimal as natural substances cannot really harm the body.

Cure diseases:

The treatment is known to cure chronic diseases when other medicine systems have failed to provide treatment procedures.

Study of body and mind:

Ayurveda is basically the study of body function and preventing the disease ensuing from it. It understands the relation between the body and mind and then handles the illness.

Other treatments:

The treatment uses Yoga, breathing, exercises, meditation etc. in order to bring about peace of soul and mind and also rejuvenate the body. It has proved that it relaxes the mind and brings harmony in the whole body.

Your beauty treatment:

Ayurveda is not limited to just treatment of various illness but also maintaining the beauty of various parts of the body like hair, face etc.

Ayurveda Dubai

Controlling blood pressure:

High blood pressure affects millions of people in the world. It is a condition which can cause a heart attack, stroke, heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure and other related health issues. The treatment for high blood pressure is aimed at identifying the actual symptom of the condition and then selecting the herbs that can cure the problems. Mind relaxation techniques like Yoga and exercise are also recommended to ensure that the mind remains stable and calm.

Long lasting benefits:

The Ayurveda Dubai medicines are comparatively inexpensive than other medicines and have no side effects. So use the natural medicines for a wonderful happy and healthy life.