Understand Ayurveda treatment, Types and Benefits

There is no denying the fact that physical, spiritual and mental processes are strongly interlinked impacting functionality of human beings. Therefore, a balance between human body, spirit, and mind is crucial for perfect well-being.

However, in this world full of materialistic approaches, wellness has become limited to physical health and charming appearance only.  Consequently, a natural balance between the three major forces working inside human body has been disturbed. It has grave implications starting from physical to psychological.

So, what is the actual meaning of wellness?  Experts from medical field state that wellbeing of human beings is actually a quest for better life quality through personal growth and spiritual positivity through mental peace.

Therefore, various methods and approaches have been adopted to attain this balance for the betterment of mankind. Among these, Ayurveda Dubai is considered a prominent solution for the overall health improvement of the people.  It is owing to the fact that it has been evolved through various stages along with the evolution of human beings.

 Ayurveda Dubai


Scientifically Proven Advantages of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Dubai - Breath & Health

There is no denying the fact that physical, spiritual and mental processes are strongly interlinked impacting functionality of human beings. Therefore, a balance between human body, spirit and mind is crucial for perfect well-being.

However, in this world full of materialistic approaches, wellness has become limited to physical health and charming appearance only. Consequently, a natural balance between the three major forces working inside human body has been disturbed. It has grave implications starting from physical to psychological.

So, what is the actual meaning of wellness? Experts from medical field state that wellbeing of human beings is actually a quest for better life quality through personal growth and spiritual positivity through mental peace.

Therefore, various methods and approaches have been adopted to attain this balance for the betterment of mankind. Among these, Ayurveda Dubai is considered a prominent solution for the overall health improvement of the people.  It is owing to the fact that it has been evolved through various stages along with the evolution of human beings.

Why Ayurveda Treatment Is Getting Popularity

The main factor contributes towards the popularity of Ayurveda treatment is its conceptual foundation. As already mentioned that human beings are comprised of three main components including mind, soul and body, the same is the base of Ayurveda.

According to the experts of Ayurveda, the perfect wellbeing can only be attained with the help of maintaining a perfect balance between human body, spiritual entity and mental process. It is a twin notion of connected echo that potentially influence human health.

Therefore, the significance of Ayurveda treatment is widely accepted by all and sundry. It is the reason of popularity of this treatment which is spreading beyond India across the world.

Authentic Benefits Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains life as a combination of mind, senses, soul and body. It is the reason that cure process of Ayurveda is beyond just treatment of body. It regulates all essential components of human beings to relax the mind, heal soul and cure physique.

Major benefits of Ayurveda are proven scientifically as given below:

Reduction in Blood Pressure by Relieving Stress

A pilot study has been conducted recently to explore the potential impact of Ayurveda on human health. The study has revealed that statistically significant reduction in stress has been noticed after regular practice of this treatment. Further, it has a highly positive impact on human blood pressure fluctuations.

The treatment has been experimented on pre-hypertensive group of people. The findings have shown considerable benefits of Ayurveda in dealing the health issues of a high heartbeat, fluctuating blood pressure and acute stress.

A Marvelous Cure for Cerebral Palsy

A recent experimentation has demonstrated marvelous improvement in the children suffering from Cerebral Palsy. During Ayurveda treatment, a specific herbal massage was used to heal this disease.

Further, simple herbal oil named dhanwanthara thaila was applied on the heads of patients with proper technique. Amazingly, the treatment worked well on patients. A significant improvement has been recorded in head movement and motion milestones.

Decrease Burning Feelings in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy

It has been proven scientifically that a regular treatment of Ayurveda for twenty minutes daily can help to decrease the sensation of burning among Diabetic patients.

It has been proved with the help of an experiment conducted on the patients of Diabetic Neuropathy. The patients felt a significant decrease in burning feelings just in fifteen days. Although around 80 percent of them observed a reoccurrence of the issue after sixty days. But, the sternness was very low as compared to the past.

Low Birth Weight Infants Issues

The International Journal of Science and Research have conducted a study to measure the physiological and Psychological effect of Ayurveda and other prominent massage treatments.

It is been concluded that infants who born with extremely low weight have become able to gain weight rapidly with the help of Ayurveda. Therefore Ayurveda stimulates body in a way to get the perfect condition.


Many physical and psychological treatments are prevalent to give relief from diseases. However, a comprehensive approach towards illnesses is crucial for the overall health of human beings.

Scientific research has proved the importance of Ayurveda treatment for various kinds of human sufferings. The cure is not just limited to physical issues but extends to mental and psychological.

Last but not least, another factor became clear that Ayurveda Dubai is equally suitable for infants, youngsters and old age people.

An Ayurvedic Overview Of The Human Body (The Sharir)

The Tridosha Theory, i.e. the theory of the three doshas is an integral part of Ayurvedic diagnostic procedures. Every cell of the human body contains the three doshas, i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. An imbalance of vata can cause anxiety, fear, and nervousness. If pitta is out of balance, this can lead a person towards being angry, hateful and jealous all the time. An imbalance of the kapha can result in a person congested and greedy.

Ayurveda Dubai – based practitioners recommend that people modify their behavior and diet in order to restore the balance of their trishoda. Not only that, Not only that, the person will also have a balanced mind and be flexible. They will be intelligent and will able to lead, and they will be forgiving and loving.

If you believe in Ayurveda, then think of your body as its own universe, consisting of elements that must exist in harmony.

An Ayurvedic Overview Of The Human Body (The Sharir)

We all know what the human body is. After all, we all have one. However, the Indian traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda offers a vastly different perception of the human body, compared to how it is visualized in European biomedicine. In fact, Ayurveda compares the human body to the universe and conceptualizes it as a system of five basic elements.

The five Ayurvedic elements, or the “Panch Mahabhootas,” include:

Aakash (Ether)

Vayu (Air)

Agni (Fire)

Aapa (Water)

Prithvi (Earth)

The physical integration of these elements is known as the three doshas:


Composed of air and ether, vata controls our bodily movements and mental functions.


Comprised of fire and water, functions of the pitta are connected to body temperature, our digestive system, and metabolic activities


Consisting of earth and water, kapha is associated with building the body’s tissues and preserving its immunity.

Why is Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment Better than Allopathic Treatment?

The Ayurvedic herbal treatment is being considered most effective and a better way of treatment. Even in the present era when the science and technology has moved to such advanced levels, Ayurveda never lost its popularity in any means. Still, when the allopathic medication is available, most of the people use to prefer Ayurveda for every kind of treatments. Following are some of the reasons why it’s considered better and is yet so popular even in this 21st century.

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Less Expensive:

Since it is the kind of treatment which is completely based on herbal products, it’s not that much expensive. The prices of the medicines and different treatments are within the financial reach of people.

No Side Effects:

Most of the people use to have concerns regarding the use of the allopathic medicines. Excessive or consecutive use of such medication causes too many side effects. Whereas, Ayurvedic medication is completely herbal and natural that’s why it doesn’t cause any kind of side effects at all.

Safe for Heart:

The herbal medication is completely safe for our heart as well. It doesn’t cause any kind of damage to our heart. The Ayurvedic medication keeps the heart beat and blood pressure in complete control.

100% Chemical Free:

That’s an awesome quality these Ayurvedic medicines possess. They are completely chemical free as well as 100% natural and herbal medication.

Treatment of every problem:

Ayurveda is basically a medication and treatment of every problem. From minor gastric issues to genital inabilities and weaknesses, Ayurveda is a solution for us in every regards.


Even in this 21st century, thousands of people use to believe on Ayurvedic medication and treatments. It is popular not only in Asia but all around the world. In the UAE you could find numerous clinics offering their services in this niche. For treatment with Ayurveda Dubai is the right place because you would find numerous clinics and experienced Ayurvedic experts in that city.

Ayurveda Massage In Dubai, Time To Snore!


If you are among those who work hard with honesty for long hours and in doing so, most of the time you tend to forget and compromise on your sleeping, resting, eating and socializing routines, things may not be very promising in the longer run as far as your body performance is concerned.

While faced with such situations, especially in complex markets of UAE, one may start losing health and efficient body response that is backed with highly re-charged attitude towards work.

Ayurveda Dubai

People operating in such situations know that they will never come out of such demanding situations at all; therefore they ensure that they are backed with professionals associated with the massaging industry. This enables them to squeeze out sometime once or twice a month so that they can visit their finally shortlisted massage therapists for herbal therapies like Ayurveda Dubai or other conventional therapies.

It however may entirely depend on what type suits their mood and skin type the most. Although the routine practices also have little or no side-effects yet the demands are escalating at a constant pace for herbal trends. The improved awareness levels from public about the way Vedic massaging products are abstracted and its elongated history seems to have won their confidence.

Experts are of the view that this type of massage in Dubai is going to rule for good and soon times will come where amplified competitions will take place with more and more service providers in the said niche will enter the markets here and this will help the competitive trends to perk up, rates will come done and it would be the clients who will be enjoying all these happenings to the fullest in the longer run.

People, who go for such therapies on regular basis are of the view that these therapies actually compensate their habit of forgetting about their health, sleep, eating and resting routines. They also believe that such massage therapies somewhat recharge their overall body and allows them to start each day with a fresh and positive mind and body.


In order to keep your body performance smooth and go about tasks in fully recharged passion, you will need to look for a professional, reliable, certified and affordable massage therapist that is located near to you. Booking an appointment and visiting them on regular intervals is going to help you a great deal by keeping your body in shape and performance intact.


How An Ayurveda Massage Therapist Work To Relieve Pain?

This is a rare observation to see an Ayurveda massage practice on an old-style bodywork table. The fact is that it is a traditional practice which is often performed. Such an old-fashioned kneading practice is normally performed in the same traditional way.

To further explore this treatment approach, let’s see how a therapist conducts this. Most often, massage therapist initiates this practice using a mat. However, general therapists, including massage specific therapists use a dissimilar mat based on two separate sheets.

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The upper sheet is made from reeds while futon mattresses are mostly used as the bottom sheet. The reeds layer is added for the reason to keep the futon mattress oil free. To make the process more traditional, Ayurveda Dubai based treatment centers often use massage specific chairs to better benefit the patient.

Pressure Points That Are The Main Focus Of Therapists:

Although therapists usually focus on the whole body, but their core target stays on the pressure points. In Ayurveda kneading, these points are different as compared to the rest of massage practices. Marmas is an ayurvedic term used for these points.

The human body is based on 5 important elements, including ligaments, muscular system, joints, vessels and the skeletal system. The point these elements meet together is believed to be the pressure point in Ayurveda. The idea is that these points are triggered and diseases are treated.

Circular motion for triggering these pressure points is an ideal way of removing toxins from the body. Both the middle and forefingers are involved in performing such a circular motion. Most of the principles related to Ayurveda kneading demonstrate a total of 107 key pressure points that must be treated this way.

Advantages Of Ayurveda Massage:

Alone, Ayurveda massage is not sufficient for proper recovery. Effective results can be obtained once this practice is maintained together with the rest of the principles. Maintaining a prescribed diet and regular exercise must be continuously conducted to ensure fast recovery.

Massage in Dubai

Regular exercise and the intake of healthy diet are both the recommendations of Ayurveda massage in Dubai. Some of the key benefits that such massages usually offer when it is maintained together with these supporting principles include:

  • It detoxifies and purifies the body.
  • The efficiency of the immune system is enhanced.
  • Maintain a vigorous health of the healthy individuals.
  • Accelerates the recovery process of patients having certain medical conditions.
  • It maintains an overall well-being.
  • It reduces the stress level of individuals.
  • The blood circulation is improved to an efficient level.
  • Body awareness is altered and improved.
  • It refreshes the body, improve its energy and help it repair quickly.
  • It is highly stimulating a vigorous skin.
  • It promotes a deep recreation.

Heal health with Ayurveda and Physiotherapy


The quality of life may lessen due to immobility and function of the muscles. Comprehensive examination becomes necessary when you experience pain in the body. The intervention related to specific care for different types of impairment is absolutely necessary to accomplish the desired outcome.

Professional examination is necessary:

The evaluation and assessment of the precise needs of the individual is important. Many kinds of impairments are age related. After thorough scanning of the impairment and the design of the most optimum intervention is the top priority of trained professionals.

Physiotherapy Dubai

Wondering about the exploits of physiotherapy?

The different types of impairments of the bodily function can be treated by physiotherapy Dubai.

The soreness in the muscles, tendons, tissues or joints requisite special treatment. A range of specially designed interventions are available now.

Is natural medical intervention normal?

In the age of technology many might laugh at the idea of utilizing mystical treatment procedure as a possible medical intervention. Many natural therapies are on the horizon acknowledged to offer better rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Lowering the risk of different diseases has become the prime area of concern for the masses. Irrelevant diet patterns and irresponsible lifestyle is the foremost reason of ill health.

The overall wellbeing of life can be strengthened by natural remedies that recognize the power of nature. People are becoming mindful of the numerous treatment interventions provided by Ayurveda Dubai.

Have you tried it yet?

Not many people are accustomed to the constructive outcomes that the abovementioned treatment intervention can offer.

Experts believe that daily life activities require balance. How imbalance is our life? The majority of people are suffering from stress. Stress emanate from various sources. Each source has a distinctive impact on the mind and body. Additionally the propensity to fight diseases lower down with age.

ayurveda dubai


In desperate situations the human nature is to grab whatever come their way. However this could be the wrong approach. In matters relating to health a strong foundation of lifestyle is what everyone need to reignite the function of the body. Remember, even a small indication of uneasiness can lead to bigger health issues.

No more excuses to justify you don’ have time for life. It is your life, you have to take control of it.  Problems can compound the life of people. How you solve it is important. Do try this out.

6 Reasons To Book A Massage In Dubai

massage in Dubai

No matter how fit are you, if you are performing in one of the world’s most dynamic business arena, i.e. Dubai, you may come across stress factors that may start harming your physical fitness and performance. Everyone loves to deliver and go the distance so as to ensure that his/her boss, colleagues and clients are content with the efforts made by him/her.

Doing so and doing it on regular basis however may require some smart approaches. You will need to keep your body in shape by take good care of it.

Apart from having a good meal, perfect sleep routing and socialization, you will need to consider the idea of a good massage in Dubai, be it the conventional one or Ayurveda Dubai oriented massage therapies.

Your body will then become attuned and ready for different workload levels, challenges and tasks without any weak or slow performance.

How Ayurveda Acts To Finish Off The Dandruff?

Worried about the dandruff in your hair and it doesn’t vanish even though you have tried a lot of ways which include natural and other ways like shampoos and conditioners. Hair dandruff is a problem that that every 7th person in the world has.

Why dandruff occurs:-

This common hair problem occurs because the dead skin cells start accumulating on the scalp and then start to fall off which can be seen with the naked eye. There are a lot of reasons of dandruff and some of them are listed below,

Ayurveda Dubai

Other causes of it:-

Some of the other causes of dandruff as explained by Ayurveda Dubai based experts are,

  • Stress
  • False diet
  • Extreme weathers
  • Fatigue and restlessness
  • Loss of energy due to infection or sickness
  • Harsh or artificial shampoos, conditioners and products like gels.

Symptoms of hair dandruff:-

Symptoms of dandruff are easily found

  1. Combing or scratching of the hair results in the falling of flakes from the scalp which are shiny silver or whitish in color
  2. Other symptom of dandruff is when the scalp is scratched, the scalp turn red

Ways to counter dandruff:-

Here is the first method to counter dandruff that can free you from this awkward illness. This method or remedy is natural and is made using camphor and coconut oil.


Put a small utensil on the burner and add 4 tablespoons of natural coconut oil to heat, add a piece of camphor and let it heat and then mix it well. Let it cool a bit and then massage the scalp with mixture. Remember not to use the oil when it’s unbearable for the scalp.

When to use:-

Only use when it is lukewarm and make sure to use it before going to bed. Leave the scalp oiled and wash it with shampoo in the morning. A visible difference will be felt before and after the process. If needed, oil the scalp again for 1 or 2 days to completely wipe off all the dandruff.

This Ayurveda Dubai remedy can easily be made at home and is totally chemical free. The ingredients used in the remedy are natural and must be made sure that the coconut oil doesn’t involve any preservatives.

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How To Gain Weight With Ayurveda Home Remedies?

Although, individuals with less weight are not that much common to observe as compare to those having much heaviness. This is a less common observation in which an individual weigh fewer as compare to his ultimate body heaviness which is known as an underweight condition.

Ayurveda Dubai

Such conditions are efficiently cured with Ayurvedic remedies that increase body weight dramatically. The common causes and symptoms of weight loss are identified by Ayurveda Dubai based research professionals that are as under.

Main Causes Of Weight Loss And Its Associated Symptoms:

The main causes of underweight conditions are:

  • Taking too much physical exercise.
  • Emotional Stress.
  • Family-based genetic factor.
  • Certain diseases in which the patient can’t eat a meal.

Following are the symptoms underweight condition leading to the following disorders.

  • Heart problems and anaemia.
  • Reduced level of bones strength.
  • Weak immune system and lack of nutrition.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Gaining:

Following are the simple and cheap home-based treatment that leads to dramatic weight gain in a short time.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Gaining

Figs and Raisins:

The continuous use of 6 dried figs along with 30g of raisins saturated in water lead to weight improvement just in a single month. Both these must be saturated overnight and eat them in two doses the next day. Both raisins and figs contain rich amount of calories that help an underweight disorder.

Milk and Clarified Butter:

The combination of single glass hot milk, 2 tablespoons of common ayurvedic herb and one tablespoon of clarified butter is another effective home medicine for weight gain. Take them twice a day for one month and observe an intense increase in your body weight with a rich level of nutrition.

Mango and Milk Usage:

Eating one ripe mango followed by one glass of milk three times a day is the most effective solution for weightless appearance. This home based medicine as well must continuously be used for one month to observe stagy changes in your body.


Professional experts of Ayurveda Dubai based Ayurvedic treatment centers once suggested home based remedies for underweight disorders are practically applied by most of the patients and observed efficient changes themselves. These are simple yet cheap medicines that increase the calories level in the human body that lead to easy weight gain.

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