Massage Vs. Physiotherapy – Key Differences

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years as a natural way to relieve pain and reduce stress in the human body.

Physiotherapy, on the other hand, is a more recent science that focuses primarily on restoring free movement and flexibility in the joints caused by several kinds of medical conditions, and old age.

The two practices might seem fairly similar, but the techniques used in physical therapy treatment are administered by a certified therapist, who has studied the anatomy of the human body in extensive detail. This makes physiotherapy an exact medical science.

Massages in Dubai, on the other hand, use more freestyle techniques aimed at stretching tightened muscles and reducing the negative effects of stress.

To better explain the two techniques, we’ve prepared the following infographic which details the differences between each method and the great benefits of each.

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How An Ayurveda Massage Therapist Work To Relieve Pain?

This is a rare observation to see an Ayurveda massage practice on an old-style bodywork table. The fact is that it is a traditional practice which is often performed. Such an old-fashioned kneading practice is normally performed in the same traditional way.

To further explore this treatment approach, let’s see how a therapist conducts this. Most often, massage therapist initiates this practice using a mat. However, general therapists, including massage specific therapists use a dissimilar mat based on two separate sheets.

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The upper sheet is made from reeds while futon mattresses are mostly used as the bottom sheet. The reeds layer is added for the reason to keep the futon mattress oil free. To make the process more traditional, Ayurveda Dubai based treatment centers often use massage specific chairs to better benefit the patient.

Pressure Points That Are The Main Focus Of Therapists:

Although therapists usually focus on the whole body, but their core target stays on the pressure points. In Ayurveda kneading, these points are different as compared to the rest of massage practices. Marmas is an ayurvedic term used for these points.

The human body is based on 5 important elements, including ligaments, muscular system, joints, vessels and the skeletal system. The point these elements meet together is believed to be the pressure point in Ayurveda. The idea is that these points are triggered and diseases are treated.

Circular motion for triggering these pressure points is an ideal way of removing toxins from the body. Both the middle and forefingers are involved in performing such a circular motion. Most of the principles related to Ayurveda kneading demonstrate a total of 107 key pressure points that must be treated this way.

Advantages Of Ayurveda Massage:

Alone, Ayurveda massage is not sufficient for proper recovery. Effective results can be obtained once this practice is maintained together with the rest of the principles. Maintaining a prescribed diet and regular exercise must be continuously conducted to ensure fast recovery.

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Regular exercise and the intake of healthy diet are both the recommendations of Ayurveda massage in Dubai. Some of the key benefits that such massages usually offer when it is maintained together with these supporting principles include:

  • It detoxifies and purifies the body.
  • The efficiency of the immune system is enhanced.
  • Maintain a vigorous health of the healthy individuals.
  • Accelerates the recovery process of patients having certain medical conditions.
  • It maintains an overall well-being.
  • It reduces the stress level of individuals.
  • The blood circulation is improved to an efficient level.
  • Body awareness is altered and improved.
  • It refreshes the body, improve its energy and help it repair quickly.
  • It is highly stimulating a vigorous skin.
  • It promotes a deep recreation.

Reflexology! An Effective Massage Technique


Reflexology is that type of hands on treatment in which pressure is applied on different points of human hands and feet that lessen the pain and discomfort of the body and with that benefits are seen and felt in the entire body.

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According to the theory on which reflexology is based states that hands and feet have certain areas or “reflex points” that are energetically connected to specific areas and parts of human body through energy channels.

How it is done:

A reflexologist removes energy blockages by applying pressure to reflex areas, this becomes the cause of relief from pain and helps promote comfort and health in the specific body parts.

Reflex areas connected to other body parts:

Below is a list of reflex areas that are connected to body parts, through which reflexology takes action. The uniqueness of reflexology makes it an effective and different technique of massage in Dubai.

  • Head is connected to the tips of toes
  • The ball of the foot is rubbed to ease the heart and chest
  • Kidney, liver and pancreas are related with arch of the foot
  • Lower back and intestines are healed by stimulating heel

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The history of this technique goes back to Chinese and Egyptian ancient civilizations but an ENT specialist William H. Fitzgerald in 1915 introduced this concept of zone therapy. Then in 1930s Eunice Ingram a physiotherapist from America developed the already in practice zone theory into reflexology which is being used quite widely in countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, all of the Middle east especially in the UAE and USA in the current times.

Beneficial aspects:

Reflexology experts all over the world do believe that by applying pressure on specific parts of the body not only help in the balancing of nervous system but also helps in stimulating the release of endorphin that guarantee effective reduction in pain and lowering stress levels.

Why people opt for it:

This technique is proved to be highly effective in curing these problems.

  • All stress related situations
  • Headaches, migraines and tension
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Digestive problems, such as constipation
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome

refloxology last

Cancer fighting:

This type of massage in Dubai is also exercised for palliative care or post operation. A research published in 2015 showed that reflexology is very effective in the relief of cancer, pain and other surgery related pain.


To Be There And Achieve Them, You Got To Be In Shape!

To be honest, nothing beats the idea of a great massage, especially when one has to work in complex and highly demanding markets like Dubai. The volume of work and the never ending expectations from bosses and clients may make things difficult for one to cope with. Trying to work hard and kill the tasks somehow by working till late hours, eating and sleeping less may be enough to dent one’s physical performance badly. This is where one may start finding it hard to cope with the difficult situations and things may start going out of one’s reach.

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Not very long ago, when massaging industry was still in its early days in Dubai, people of Dubai had to go through difficult situations just because of the tiring routines. They had to rely on medications and vitamins because most of them believed that they are ill but with the passage of time, this industry turned into a huge giant and made it easy for public to get rid of self-medication and unnecessary pills. They now have the facility of a good massage in Dubai that caters to all their body performance needs.

Why massage therapy?

Following are some basic points that will help in justifying the need for massage therapies:

  • It’s safe, i.e. there are no side effects associated with such practices and the entire idea is to rejuvenate one’s performance with the help of rubbing and scrubbing.
  • Such services are affordable now because of the growth in competition and the influx of different variations in this domain from different parts of the world. Some of them are:
  • Thai Massage
  • Ayurveda (ancient Indian therapy)
  • Active release technique
  • Acupressure
  • Aquatic bodywork
  • Ashiatsu
  • Biodynamic
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Foot massage
  • Lomilomi and indigenous massage of Oceania
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Medical massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Shiatsu
  • Structural Integration
  • Swedish massage
  • Traditional Chinese massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Tui na
  • Watsu and many others, the list can be long as all the different types are associated with different origins and cultures.

One can easily arrange an appointment for any of the above or most of the aforementioned massage in Dubai services without facing too much of a hassle or difficulty. Many people who have gone for such therapies have reported improved physical performance and efficiency in their day to day routine tasks.


If asked about their views to swap the idea of this therapy with medication, one may hear a big ‘No’ because they now have realized the harmful effects associated with medications. If you are among those that is not feeling comfortable with the tasks and have observed changes in the performances, then it is time for you to consider this idea too and go for reliable and professional help n this domain.

Take A Message To Release All Your Stress

If you are a working person in Dubai and you go through a busy as well as hectic routine, then you must take massage once in a week to relax and release all your stress. It is not really difficult to find massage parlors in Dubai nowadays. As there are many Massage parlors available all across the city. Visit any well-known Massage parlor that is nearby. It is a great way to relax and release all your stress. But before you go to a Parlor for a massage in Dubai, you need to keep some important things in your mind. Such as:

Massage in Dubai

Take Shower:

Take a shower before you visit any Massage parlor. It will benefit you a great deal you can notice that later on.

Day Off:

By taking a day off, you will get much more benefit of the massage. While you are not on leave or on a day off, then massage won’t benefit you at all. As once you have had your massage done, you would be going back immediately to your busy and hectic job routine. So you wouldn’t have the leisure to relax. So the amount you paid for the massage would just be a waste. So make sure you are on a day off.

No Phone Calls:

Prefer not to take any business calls during massage. As that is the time to relax so its better you keep calm and relax as much as you can. Instead, if you will attend phone calls, then you won’t be able to relax and the massage would be just useless. So make sure to attend only important calls and no business calls at all, as it would divert your mind towards business tensions.

A brief summary of things you must do before you head to a massage parlor:
  • Take a shower before you arrive to a massage parlor for a massage.
  • Must take a day off for a Massage.
  • Call off all the meetings.
  • Prefer not to take any phone calls.
  • Don’t think about any business issues, instead just relax.
  • Keep calm and just relax by closing your eyes while you are taking a massage.

The best way to take off your stress and relax in the busy business life of Dubai is the message.  It is more of a necessity than a leisure nowadays. Massage in Dubai is a real trend now. Doctors also suggest you to take massage so all your stress and anxiety is released. Numerous people have adopted it and this is a real and best way to relax. You should at least try massage once, it will really help you a great deal.

What Problem, Massage Has All The Solutions

Poor posture can cause severe damage. The muscles need relaxation and the nature of the job can make the muscles extremely stiff. You might be sitting too long behind the desk which will impact your lower back. The stress starts from the neck and the shoulder. What can be done to get relief? This is an alarming situation as the majority of us prefer working behind the desk or our jobs compel us to do so. Whatever the reason we are becoming our own enemy. There is an urgent necessity to look for medical procedures that are safe and sound.

Massage in Dubai

What on earth has happened to your health? We all hear this question from friends and family members. The tiredness and stress become evident from our faces. We all want to have a relax feeling after all the stress that we experience. The contact with human can be very relaxing. The comforting and gentle caress can be very relaxing and all the nervous energy can be eliminated from the system.

Lower back needs postural balance and mobilization. Excess of everything is bad. We know, but simply cannot avoid it? Massage in Dubai can offer relief through specialized soothing liberation of pain that can reignite the function of the lower back. The regularity with which you will receive the massage therapy will lower the chances of stiff back. Soreness is another important problem that people experience on a regular basis. The customized therapies can slowly but surely eliminate the swelling that is causing pain and lack of mobility. The blood flow also gets better when the body parts functions at optimum level. Pain in joints can also be effectively cured by the professional therapies tailor precisely for the problem.

The anxiety can be reduced significantly and people suffering from depression can receive more positive energy to reduce their level of stress. Massage in Dubai can offer maximum relaxing effect to men, women, and children of all ages. This devoted procedure can be maintained at different times when the need arise. The physicians approve the customized therapies, especially for people who are vulnerable to other treatment procedures. It is researched that women suffering from breast cancer can feel more relaxed and less annoyed when they receive the massage therapy. So the benefits are numerous and the outcome awesome. The overwhelming nature of the therapies can crush any health problem.

Stress Free Life Is Benefit Of Massage!

Massage has a beneficial impact for you in terms of improving health outcomes. There are many reasons for getting a massage such as stress release, pain management, and luxurious treat. It is a powerful ally if you want to improve your health. Massage helps to release stress, which is the cause of multiple diseases in the world. High stress can also increase the aging process while increasing anxiety and pressure. The high paced world of today means that stress is inevitable while massage is probably one of the best ways to reduce it. To ensure high levels of success you need to ensure that success can be attained with the focus towards efficiency and effectiveness.

Massage in Dubai

Massage has an important impact towards improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety. It helps to energize the body as you will feel that you have improved concentration and circulation. Moreover, the fatigue will be reduced, which can help to achieve critical success for your needs and requirements. A sense of clarity can be achieved after having a massage. The tangible physical benefits will be present, but the emotional balance that massage provides is also something that must be taken into consideration. The best massage in Dubai will be by the professional and trained experts.

You should frequently get a massage for your health needs. It will help to rejuvenate and energize you. You will feel fresh every day as you will be able to achieve critical success within a short time. Moreover, you will be able to create a collaborative approach towards living a healthy life. Massage in Dubai is available at many outlets. You need to search for the type of massage that you need along with the price. This will help you to determine the best package that helps to meet your health needs in an efficient and effective manner.