5 Most Popular Massages & Their Great Benefits

 Massages have long been considered the most natural form of healing for the body, but it’s only in the past few years that medical science has recognized the great benefits of getting a massage.

These days, doctors regularly recommend massages for patients who suffer from the symptoms of chronic neck and back pains, issues with joint mobility, or those who regularly engage in high-performance sports activities.

If you’re suffering from any kind of pain that just won’t go away, or have trouble sleeping at night despite changing your mattress countless time, we highly recommend getting a massage in Dubai from a professional masseuse. You’ll see the great benefits almost instantly!

Massage in dubai

Ancient Method of Healing

  • Massages have been around for thousands of years
  • They’re considered the most natural method of healing the body
  • Very effective at curing all kinds of pain
  • Slowly becoming a part of medical sciences
  • Highly recommended by doctors for patients who suffer from chronic pain

5 Most Popular Massages

1.      Swedish Massage

  • Swedish massages are the most common and popular type of massage in the world.
  • The Masseuse focuses on loosening the tightness in the muscles directly beneath the skin and relieving the patient’s stress.
  • Techniques used include Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, and Tapotement.
  • The massage focuses on slow, long strokes across the entire body with the palm of the hands and the fingers.

2.      Deep-Tissue Massage

  • Deep tissue massages target the muscles groups that lie far below the surface of the skin.
  • The massage is excellent for patients who suffer from chronic back pain.
  • Pressure points across the back and shoulders are targeted using high-pressure, slower strokes with the forearms, elbows, and clenched fists.
  • The masseuse primarily focuses on creating heat and friction to reduce stress and relieve the patient’s pain.

3.      Shiatsu Massage

  • This massage is based on the ancient Chinese concept of acupuncture.
  • The therapist uses only their fingers to activate certain trigger points across the body.
  • According to Chinese traditions, these trigger points are believed to control entire nervous system in the human body
  • Applying direct pressure to the trigger points improves the blood flow within the body and reduces pain.

4.      Hot Stone Massage

  • Hot stones massages are based on the same concept of acupuncture as Shiatsu.
  • The difference is that heated stones are used in place of the fingers.
  • These stones are placed around specific points on the patient’s spine to relax the body and relieve pain.
  • The stones are kept warm enough to soothe the muscles but not so warm that the patient becomes uncomfortable.

5.      Sports Massage

  • Sports massages are designed specifically for athletes.
  • They help prevent injuries, improve the individual’s athletic performance, and increase flexibility in joints.
  • Techniques used are similar to Swedish Massages, but the tempo of the strokes is kept quicker.
  • These massages are administered both pre-practice and post-session to help the body recover quickly

The Great Benefits

  • A massage can reduce the side effects of anxiety by almost 50%.
  • Reduces the need for painkillers in cases of chronic back and head pain is by over 30%.
  • Improves the patient’s sleep cycle almost instantly and helps them feel more relaxed.
  • Helps increase blood flow and lower blood pressure in heart patients.
  • Can help patients with arthritis control their pain and regain full control of their movements.
  • Encourages the growth of white blood cells in the body, improving immunity against disease.
  • Reduces gastrointestinal symptoms and abdominal pain.
  • Improves athletic performance and reduces soreness in muscles following a high-intensity workout session

Whether use massage or physiotherapy, it improves the remedy


Are you suffering from lower back pain? Is groin injury hindering your muscles to work freely? Is the wrist extremely painful? We can experience severe pain in any body part due to countless reasons. The soreness can be discomforting. Apart from taking medicines there are natural ways of healing. The unnecessary stress may be causing disruption in functioning. The weakening can be strengthened by alternative source of treatment. The pain will eventually subside.

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Alternative medication has grown in stature:

70% people speak in favor of the prowess of alternative medication. The rationale is simple. It promotes flexible options that the users want. The best alternative can be selected among the list of options. Whether it is the joint, tendons or muscles Physiotherapy Dubai has designed meaningful interventions for each pain point.

The muscles release stress when squeezed gently. Professionals do it better and know why certain muscles need better kneading. The functional capacity of each muscle is different. Special procedures can be designed to provide relaxation. This beauty of this procedure is that it is age specific. Children need highly sensitive rub. Adults require a different way to release stress. Pregnant woman would require a highly specialized rub that is expertly executed. The coping mechanism designed by massage in Dubai can relate to any condition that requires specialized treatment.

The outcome must be measurable. Short lived interventions fail to generate the desired sustainable results. How much is more needed to restore health? Customized therapies can outline how much is best possible treatment for an individual.  Pain and limitation to overcoming it can be quite distressing. The personalized treatment therapies utilize each feature of the problem and incorporating the most optimum procedure to eliminate it.

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The human body functions in coordination. Each muscle is synchronized to perform a particular action. The specialist treatment recommended by experts can improve the healing possibilities for the individual. Cramps and inflammation of joints are widespread problems that people experience. Any imbalance must be restored. Furthermore prevention of recurrence of the problem must also be addressed.

Severe inflexibility and stiffness can prevent the body to perform normal activities like walking; driving etc. the detection of the problem and building coping mechanism must systematically address the different ways of healing. As discussed above the personalized treatment for people with specific requirement as per their age can enhance the quality of the outcome.

Teach pain a lesson through Physiotherapy and Massage


The back pain is a growing problem among either gender. The lack of appropriate posture and the immobility converge the inadequate weight distribution on the back, this can be painful experience for any individual.

Physiotherapy Dubai

How to address the issue of back pain?

There should be a customized strategy to approach the pain management procedure. The idea should be to lower the pain, improve the functionality and strictly adhere to a pain management programs. The rehabilitation process that personalize the immediate needs of the individual can be crafted by Physiotherapy Dubai.

A range of different applications can be employed depending on the nature of pain and the procedural needs that offer the best outcome for the patient. You might require

  • Ice pack application
  • Application of Heat
  • Electric simulation
  • Physical Exercises
  • All the above

The strain simply drain the energy:

Life is a combination of happiness and stress. The mood affects the mind and body. In tense situations the muscles tend to cramp. The soft tissues need some soothing impact. Massage in Dubai has established a facility to deliver tailored solutions to people suffering from anxiety and uneasiness.

The natural tenderness that the sensitive muscles experience from massage bring about immense relief.

Why enlist a specialist?

Many of you believe that Massage can be performed by anyone. This may not be the case. The manner in which it has prospered as an industry signify the value of expert masseurs performing the actions. From sportsperson to age related issue massage has sorted out a range of different muscular and immobility problems that people of all ages have experienced.

The prevention from future inflammation of the pain is a recurring issue for many. It is significant to adhere to a fixed routine that can extend convinced outcomes. Specialist can design the frequency of the treatment so that regular intervention produce coherent results.

Why be optimistic:

There are pros and cons of every intervention. From the perspective of health the instant requirement is recovery from the problem. Once recovered it becomes easier to start a maintenance program. Keeping up with a defined health regime advance the rapid progression of rehabilitation and restoration.

Massage in Dubai


The diversity that alternative medication offer is tremendous. The individual can seek the most applicable treatment regime that suits their lifestyle.

Ask for help. The pouring belief in relief provided by alternative medication is reaching new heights.

6 Reasons To Book A Massage In Dubai

massage in Dubai

No matter how fit are you, if you are performing in one of the world’s most dynamic business arena, i.e. Dubai, you may come across stress factors that may start harming your physical fitness and performance. Everyone loves to deliver and go the distance so as to ensure that his/her boss, colleagues and clients are content with the efforts made by him/her.

Doing so and doing it on regular basis however may require some smart approaches. You will need to keep your body in shape by take good care of it.

Apart from having a good meal, perfect sleep routing and socialization, you will need to consider the idea of a good massage in Dubai, be it the conventional one or Ayurveda Dubai oriented massage therapies.

Your body will then become attuned and ready for different workload levels, challenges and tasks without any weak or slow performance.

What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Massage?

The physiotherapy and massage, both have become a very common practice these days. We can see that the awareness among the people has increased a lot about both these therapies, due to which the number of the experts providing services in both these niches have grown significantly in numbers.

Massage in Dubai

Massage is a therapy that can be taken in normal daily routine, whereas the physiotherapy is only provided to those individuals who are suffering from a disability because of some reason. As much as massage in Dubai has become popular, the physiotherapy is also now getting adopted by a huge number of people because of its effective benefits.


This is a special therapy, which is provided to those individuals who are lacking in function some body organs. It helps them to restore the movement and functioning of these organs. The therapy is always provided by the highly skilled, professional and experienced therapists.

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The physiotherapy can only be provided by the registered and experienced medical professionals. It is not the therapy, which everyone is allowed to provide because it’s done very precisely to restore the abilities of the affected tissues, joints and organs. From physiotherapy Dubai, which is well known for its top notch services in this regards, you can avail the following benefits.

  • This therapy can help a great deal in treating the problems like Arthritis.
  • The problems of the back and neck sprain could also be treated.
  • Different Fractures and injuries caused by accidents or in some sport activities.


Massage therapy is the most common therapy and most of us already know about it in depth. It has now become a common practice these days, people use to have massage the revitalize their body. It helps them relieve all the stress, anxieties and stiffness of their body.

Physiotherapy Dubai

There are many types of massage and every massage has its own benefits. With the passage of the time, the techniques have evolved and for different reasons different massage techniques are being used now. Every one of them has its own benefits.

  • The massage therapy helps us relieve all our anxieties. This therapy is said to be very effective in this regards.
  • Those who are suffering from depression, it’s also very beneficial for them to release it and vitalize their minds.
  • Due to intense work routine our body starts to feel stiff and in pain. In such situations, the massage is the best therapy to get relieved from the stiffness and different body pains.