Teach pain a lesson through Physiotherapy and Massage


The back pain is a growing problem among either gender. The lack of appropriate posture and the immobility converge the inadequate weight distribution on the back, this can be painful experience for any individual.

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How to address the issue of back pain?

There should be a customized strategy to approach the pain management procedure. The idea should be to lower the pain, improve the functionality and strictly adhere to a pain management programs. The rehabilitation process that personalize the immediate needs of the individual can be crafted by Physiotherapy Dubai.

A range of different applications can be employed depending on the nature of pain and the procedural needs that offer the best outcome for the patient. You might require

  • Ice pack application
  • Application of Heat
  • Electric simulation
  • Physical Exercises
  • All the above

The strain simply drain the energy:

Life is a combination of happiness and stress. The mood affects the mind and body. In tense situations the muscles tend to cramp. The soft tissues need some soothing impact. Massage in Dubai has established a facility to deliver tailored solutions to people suffering from anxiety and uneasiness.

The natural tenderness that the sensitive muscles experience from massage bring about immense relief.

Why enlist a specialist?

Many of you believe that Massage can be performed by anyone. This may not be the case. The manner in which it has prospered as an industry signify the value of expert masseurs performing the actions. From sportsperson to age related issue massage has sorted out a range of different muscular and immobility problems that people of all ages have experienced.

The prevention from future inflammation of the pain is a recurring issue for many. It is significant to adhere to a fixed routine that can extend convinced outcomes. Specialist can design the frequency of the treatment so that regular intervention produce coherent results.

Why be optimistic:

There are pros and cons of every intervention. From the perspective of health the instant requirement is recovery from the problem. Once recovered it becomes easier to start a maintenance program. Keeping up with a defined health regime advance the rapid progression of rehabilitation and restoration.

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The diversity that alternative medication offer is tremendous. The individual can seek the most applicable treatment regime that suits their lifestyle.

Ask for help. The pouring belief in relief provided by alternative medication is reaching new heights.

Heal health with Ayurveda and Physiotherapy


The quality of life may lessen due to immobility and function of the muscles. Comprehensive examination becomes necessary when you experience pain in the body. The intervention related to specific care for different types of impairment is absolutely necessary to accomplish the desired outcome.

Professional examination is necessary:

The evaluation and assessment of the precise needs of the individual is important. Many kinds of impairments are age related. After thorough scanning of the impairment and the design of the most optimum intervention is the top priority of trained professionals.

Physiotherapy Dubai

Wondering about the exploits of physiotherapy?

The different types of impairments of the bodily function can be treated by physiotherapy Dubai.

The soreness in the muscles, tendons, tissues or joints requisite special treatment. A range of specially designed interventions are available now.

Is natural medical intervention normal?

In the age of technology many might laugh at the idea of utilizing mystical treatment procedure as a possible medical intervention. Many natural therapies are on the horizon acknowledged to offer better rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Lowering the risk of different diseases has become the prime area of concern for the masses. Irrelevant diet patterns and irresponsible lifestyle is the foremost reason of ill health.

The overall wellbeing of life can be strengthened by natural remedies that recognize the power of nature. People are becoming mindful of the numerous treatment interventions provided by Ayurveda Dubai.

Have you tried it yet?

Not many people are accustomed to the constructive outcomes that the abovementioned treatment intervention can offer.

Experts believe that daily life activities require balance. How imbalance is our life? The majority of people are suffering from stress. Stress emanate from various sources. Each source has a distinctive impact on the mind and body. Additionally the propensity to fight diseases lower down with age.

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In desperate situations the human nature is to grab whatever come their way. However this could be the wrong approach. In matters relating to health a strong foundation of lifestyle is what everyone need to reignite the function of the body. Remember, even a small indication of uneasiness can lead to bigger health issues.

No more excuses to justify you don’ have time for life. It is your life, you have to take control of it.  Problems can compound the life of people. How you solve it is important. Do try this out.

What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Massage?

The physiotherapy and massage, both have become a very common practice these days. We can see that the awareness among the people has increased a lot about both these therapies, due to which the number of the experts providing services in both these niches have grown significantly in numbers.

Massage in Dubai

Massage is a therapy that can be taken in normal daily routine, whereas the physiotherapy is only provided to those individuals who are suffering from a disability because of some reason. As much as massage in Dubai has become popular, the physiotherapy is also now getting adopted by a huge number of people because of its effective benefits.


This is a special therapy, which is provided to those individuals who are lacking in function some body organs. It helps them to restore the movement and functioning of these organs. The therapy is always provided by the highly skilled, professional and experienced therapists.

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The physiotherapy can only be provided by the registered and experienced medical professionals. It is not the therapy, which everyone is allowed to provide because it’s done very precisely to restore the abilities of the affected tissues, joints and organs. From physiotherapy Dubai, which is well known for its top notch services in this regards, you can avail the following benefits.

  • This therapy can help a great deal in treating the problems like Arthritis.
  • The problems of the back and neck sprain could also be treated.
  • Different Fractures and injuries caused by accidents or in some sport activities.


Massage therapy is the most common therapy and most of us already know about it in depth. It has now become a common practice these days, people use to have massage the revitalize their body. It helps them relieve all the stress, anxieties and stiffness of their body.

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There are many types of massage and every massage has its own benefits. With the passage of the time, the techniques have evolved and for different reasons different massage techniques are being used now. Every one of them has its own benefits.

  • The massage therapy helps us relieve all our anxieties. This therapy is said to be very effective in this regards.
  • Those who are suffering from depression, it’s also very beneficial for them to release it and vitalize their minds.
  • Due to intense work routine our body starts to feel stiff and in pain. In such situations, the massage is the best therapy to get relieved from the stiffness and different body pains.

Physiotherapy – Add Life To Years!

A body blessed with perfect movements and physical levels that are the need of day, especially in complex markets like those of UAE is always going to make it to the set standards and targets.

Physiotherapy Dubai oriented practices are therefore catching the attention of many people each day. They are now well aware of the reasonability and perfection that can be found in the various physiotherapy services that are being delivered in this part of the world.

Physiotherapy Dubai

How To Recover Hemiplegia With Physiotherapy Techniques

Experiencing one-side weakness in human body is common after stroke. Hemiplegia is a common single-side paralysis which is analyzed either left or right Hemiplegia. This is a common incident that happens in 9 out of 10 stroke survivors, according to National Stroke Association.

How To Recover Hemiplegia With Physiotherapy Techniques
Recover Hemiplegia With Physiotherapy Techniques

Once the parts that control moment are injured, they result in affecting the ability of volunteer moment of muscles. Well-known physical therapy treatment centers such as physiotherapy Dubai are helping the affected individuals using the following recovery techniques.

Range-Of-Motion Exercises:

These exercises are preventing muscular stiffness that focus on continuous movement of the affected limb. These exercises might be passive if a patient’s muscles cannot move voluntarily. Instead someone else will have to move the limb for him.

Active-Assistive exercises involve both the efforts of patient and an assistance to move the limb and help him in movement. Active exercises include efforts of the patient only. There is no assistance required for his help.

Flexibility Training:

Patients mostly lost their coordination and balance after stroke. Flexibility exercises are therefore suggested by therapists as a stretching program for the patient. These exercises are effective once a patient have limited mobility in his non-dominant side.

The exercises promote flexibility of muscles in the dominant side of the patient. These flexibility moments help increasing the mobility of non-dominant body sides.

Electrical Stimulation:

This is a treatment plan the boost the range of motion in a hemiparesis patient. The treatment is providing using electrical stimulation, in which the damaged muscles are bringing into contact with an electrical pad. A shock is then triggered up for contraction while patient is continuously working on moving his arms.

Modified Constraint-Induced Therapy (MCIT):

MCIT is specifically for the patients who can move their fingers freely. MCIT is a set of exercises that is regularly attended by the patients for 10 weeks where a half-hour session is given three times a week.

The Bottom Line:

Along with the rest of safety treatment plans for hemiplegia, physiotherapy Dubai based treatment centers are suggesting some recovery plans that for movement of the affected limb. These techniques are based on years of research and numerous positive results have been observed out of them.

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Equipment Used In Physiotherapy


A physiotherapist also known as ‘physical therapist’ may give therapy manually by using electrical or mechanical equipments that helps in recovery and support process. These tools are used for reducing the pain. Some important physiotherapy equipments are given below.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Physiotherapy equipments:

Isokinetic devices:

Patients are getting recovery with the help of these devices. If you are facing muscle growth issue, then it will also help you out in recovery process. They also help in flexibility by providing resistance during exercises.

Exercise bike:

Exercise bike is another great equipment found in most physical therapy centers. This technique is the best recovery device helping patients that are facing foot and ankle issues. These equipments also help in building strength and stamina through their legs.

Weights to exercise hands and legs:

Weights to exercise hands, legs and bands are also part of physiotherapy Dubai equipment. In this case, a large ball is filled with air that is attached to small stool set on rollers having back support. It can also cure pain that could otherwise be felt on back and on spine.

Weights to exercise hands and legs

Table, bed and couch:

Table, couch, chair and bed are considered as important things that help in providing head support. The purpose of these things is that the patient can lie down on the back or stomach as needed.

These equipments make the patient comfortable during the diagnosis and examination. The similar supporting material is also used during exercises that have to be performed by the patient during massage therapy.


Tools such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) are used to overcome chronic pain and acute. It provides short relief for pain without using narcotics, injections and medication.

This equipment produces tiny electrical impulses that are sent to the nerves that block the pain signals from reaching brain. They also increase the number of endorphins, generated by brain. You can get portable model of this tool as handheld devices that are operated by battery.

Ultrasound and electrotherapy:

Equipments used to conduct electrotherapy and ultrasound is very important in physiotherapy process. A round handheld probe or wand is used in the ultrasound system. This device is connected to the patient’s body by putting it on skin using ultrasound gel.

This wand then transmits ultrasonic waves through skin. This device is very vital in providing medication below skin without using any injection. The similar tool can also be used for generating tissue heat for muscle relaxation and pain alleviation by producing pulse.


The above mentioned tools are just some of the examples of physiotherapy Dubai equipments. Each therapist may have different treatment method and equipment. Your therapist will tell you which tools are better for you.

Future Of Rehabilitation Medicine

Just like disease and disability is not something new, similarly the treatment methods and the use of alternative medicine is not something new. Because of the increase in the number of complications due to the pharmacological management of the disease, there are more complications arising from the treatment itself, than from the disease. Which is why, the people are trying to switch to the non-pharmacological treatment options that have more benefits, and fewer side effects to offer. This is especially true for those parts of the world, where there is more advancement like Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, where people are getting more aware about the health problems, and there is a rise in the level of awareness and education about the potential conditions and the treatments available to combat those conditions.

Physiotherapy Dubai

One of these methods is the physiotherapy Dubai based treatment that uses movement in order to alleviate pain and control or treat disability. This field is making rapid progress, which is why the future of it is very promising and bright. Here are some of the predictions for the rehabilitation managements for 2017:

  • The trend of consolidation will reinforce in the future, and allows the physical therapists to be at the very top of their “referral management game”. The referral has to be strong and proper so as to merge it into the existing network.
  • The small or independent practice will decrease and may get rare in the future, as the bigger systems are more appealing as well as significant in providing the treatment as well as for decision making.
  • The International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems that is ICD-10, will not have much of a technical influence over the physiotherapy Dubai based methods.
  • The use of standardize functional outcomes will be more in practice than it had been in the past, so that the decision making process will not only become easier but also improves and becomes beneficial.
  • The existing therapists therefore have to reinforce their skills as well as understand the financial outcomes of the management so as to plan the treatment protocols and duration according to the affordability of the client.
  • The origin of more proactive physical therapy group will be witnessed in the future.
  • The use of manual treatment will be more in action, and the mechanical section will also improve and transform.

Physiotherapy Is In Demand In Dubai!

Healthcare sector in Dubai has been growing as there is increased evidence to show that the health needs of patients are changing. Physiotherapists are in demand in the world because of critical shortages. The notion of therapy is that it is beneficial for many disorders. The job of orthopedic physical therapists is to ensure that they can diagnose, manage, and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They are needed for therapy when patients are being discharged from orthopedic surgery. The aim of the therapy is to ensure mobility of the patient while striving to ensure treatment of post-operative orthopedic procedures, fractures, acute sports injuries, and pain management. This creates a demand for therapists that have required education.

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A physiotherapist can practice in Dubai when they have shown the proper licenses and degrees. They have to undertake medical examinations in order to ensure that they have the required skills and expertise to perform. The physiotherapy Dubai companies are in need of physiotherapists that are dynamic, flexible, and reliable in nature. Moreover, there is an emphasis on achieving critical growth through the use of integrated and coordinated strategies. All of these services are important for the growth of the health sector.

Physiotherapy is an important branch of medical science. Government and private sector in Dubai are striving to promote the sector. There is increased demand for reliable, skilled, and reputable therapists. The physiotherapy Dubai companies are striving to work towards optimum success as they are willing to achieve critical success within a short time period. Moreover, they are striving to create opportunities that can help the sector. Physiotherapists are essential health care workforce. The demand for their services will continue in order to meet the needs of a diverse population.

The Lighter Side of My Life…

While working in Dubai I meet different people as a marketing specialist. This is kind of routine thing for me. I however come across situations where I am sitting with professionals and I find them complaining about their health. To me they look fine, this was a very confusing situation for me and I used to think that my friend and colleagues are thankless and or maybe this is the trend in Dubai where people most of the time complaining. I had to change my thoughts when I myself had to go through some unexpected health issues that were new to me. I started noticing the slow body response, avoidance towards work, not keen to eat even if someone would keep my favorite dish in front of me and restless night with little or no sleep. I was initially very much worried and thought that this may be some sort of major illness and I may have to stay hospitalized.

Physiotherapy Treatment Dubai

In hunt of cure I booked an appointment with my GP over the phone who is my friend as well. He asked me over the phone about my illness and after knowing the symptoms, he said to that mate, you need to see a physiotherapist. The situation was still blurry; anyways I booked an appointment with a Physio for my physiotherapy treatment Dubai needs.

When I met the Physio I was worried that what would be the conclusion as far as my illnesses is concerned. But after a thorough check up the Physio told me that you have worked with an over exaggerated passion which is kind of a norm in Dubai markets. We forget to give ample attention to our physical fitness. He prescribed me a couple of massage therapies, a good evening or early morning walk, socializing and maintaining a balance between work and rest routine. I was amazed with these physiotherapy treatment Dubai tips shared with me by the Physio and to my surprise when I started applying those tips I felt the improved right from day one.