Sports Massage Therapy, Why Athletes Should Try It?

Relying on medication and visiting the GP more often than not may not be an easy and smart move to start with, especially when one can get rid of unenthusiastic physical fitness issues with the help of few gentle rubs and soothing massage therapy session.

In UAE markets, this trend is becoming a norm. People are now becoming aware of the adverse affects associated with medicine and they don’t want to fall for such solutions that may make things further worse for them.

It seems that they have find a right and timely solution, i.e. massage in Dubai that is soothing, calming and offers them with comfort levels that they require to be up and ready for a fresh start, each time they are short of energy. Book yourself a massage session today and feel the change within your body and performance from the very first session!

Sports Massage Therapy, Why Athletes Should Try It?

Consistent performance may not be an easy ask, especially when one is operating in complex and demanding markets of UAE and that too as an athlete. Things may not be possible for one with tired, stiff and stretched muscles. Avoid medication and think about a perfection session of massage in Dubai offered by expert masseurs.

Areas that can be improved with the help of great massage therapy are:


A perfect massage session is going to improve your body moves and make it flexible.


Blood circulation can be improved only if you rely on professional masseurs.

No Pain:

You can reduce the level of joint and muscular pain. Avoid headaches and backaches too.

Improve your sleep:

No need to toss and turn the whole night, get in to bed and forget about the world.


When your body and mind needs it the most, go for a massage and relax!


Why is Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment Better than Allopathic Treatment?

The Ayurvedic herbal treatment is being considered most effective and a better way of treatment. Even in the present era when the science and technology has moved to such advanced levels, Ayurveda never lost its popularity in any means. Still, when the allopathic medication is available, most of the people use to prefer Ayurveda for every kind of treatments. Following are some of the reasons why it’s considered better and is yet so popular even in this 21st century.

Ayurveda Dubai

Less Expensive:

Since it is the kind of treatment which is completely based on herbal products, it’s not that much expensive. The prices of the medicines and different treatments are within the financial reach of people.

No Side Effects:

Most of the people use to have concerns regarding the use of the allopathic medicines. Excessive or consecutive use of such medication causes too many side effects. Whereas, Ayurvedic medication is completely herbal and natural that’s why it doesn’t cause any kind of side effects at all.

Safe for Heart:

The herbal medication is completely safe for our heart as well. It doesn’t cause any kind of damage to our heart. The Ayurvedic medication keeps the heart beat and blood pressure in complete control.

100% Chemical Free:

That’s an awesome quality these Ayurvedic medicines possess. They are completely chemical free as well as 100% natural and herbal medication.

Treatment of every problem:

Ayurveda is basically a medication and treatment of every problem. From minor gastric issues to genital inabilities and weaknesses, Ayurveda is a solution for us in every regards.


Even in this 21st century, thousands of people use to believe on Ayurvedic medication and treatments. It is popular not only in Asia but all around the world. In the UAE you could find numerous clinics offering their services in this niche. For treatment with Ayurveda Dubai is the right place because you would find numerous clinics and experienced Ayurvedic experts in that city.

Just-in-time Physiotherapy interventions

People suffering from different types of disabilities need customized health interventions. The scope of the treatment provided by physiotherapy Dubai broadens the choices for the users. Any extent of health issue can be addressed by this unique intervention. The numerous levels of engagement with this intervention can put forward highly modified solutions that address the peculiar requirement in a specific context.

physiotherapy Dubai

How can you ride out of any physical immobility? Is there any procedure that can bail you out? Physiotherapy has been a trusted source of medical intervention that is utilized in varying contexts. Experts unveil the following advantages

  • Physiotherapy improves the response mechanism of body
  • It stimulates the blood circulation
  • The immune system is bolstered
  • Boost the brain functioning
  • Help in fighting different diseases due to immobility
  • Perfect for treatment of infants
  • Offers variety to elderly people with physical disability
  • Provides a better outlook towards life
  • Strengthens the muscles and the tendons
  • Customized intervention with a detailed health plan

Healthier, Fitter Dubai With Physiotherapy and Massage Therapies!


Staying fit and healthy is a pre-requisite, no matter which part of the world one is living and operating in. This demand for a fitter and healthier lifestyle perks up further when one is performing actively in complex markets like UAE.

Life here in UAE markets never sleeps, the routines are busy and hectic and the workload graph is going upwards always. This pushes one in the harder zones with very little available on the plate for one as an option. Therefore, many people read the entire script wrong and instead of coming up with smart ways to respond, they opt for the hard ways by putting their health at risk.

physiotherapy Dubai

To start with, in the beginning they start compromising on their sleep hours by making them less, then it comes to their diet, they start skipping their lunch breaks because they know each and every minute spend on a task will help them in coping with the assigned workload. Finally, they start disconnecting from their social networks and this is where the entire scenario becomes horrible.

During the initial phases, they notice a weaker and slower body response. Some may consult their GP while some opt for multi-vitamins hoping against hope with a belief that it may be some vitamin deficiency in them that is causing all this trouble.

Have you ever considered going for a good massage in Dubai? I know most of you will classify massage therapy as a luxury, but seriously have you tried it? Once you try it, you would want to go for it at least once a month every month. Multi-vitamins and sleeping pills shall be avoided unless prescribed by one’s GP.

Massage is a safer way of dealing with such issues and getting on top of all the casual and slower body responses that are usually caused by excess workload and exhausted routines. Here it is very important that one must not mix massage with physiotherapy Dubai.

Both the types are different from each other, i.e. massage therapy is focused on just relaxing the stressed muscles with the help of creams that are applied while rubbing gently. While physiotherapy can not only help relax but at the same time can help in curing wounds, sport injuries, stretched muscles and sprain injuries.


One must take out some time, especially during weekend to see a masseur and as stated earlier, this should be done at least once or if possible twice a month. This will fully recharge one physically and mentally. Working on tasks will become easy and one will not have to compromise on sleep, diet and socializing routines.

Time To Shine Your Soul With Ayurveda!

It is important for one to understand the difference between physiotherapy and massage therapies. This improved level of awareness will enable one to go for the right available options and get treatments accordingly.

Physiotherapy Dubai based practices are more medicated in nature. To get the right type, one would need to see the physiotherapist for relevant prescriptions. It is very useful in situation where one may have physical wounds, fractures, pulled muscles or stretched tissues can be some good examples here.

As far as Ayurveda Dubai is concerned so it is an herbal way of treating body with different massage techniques associated with it. The ingredients used however are mainly herbal abstracts, although Vedic therapies are broad in range and in some cases they are applied on illnesses and wounds as well. It all depends on the satisfaction levels that one

Ayurveda Dubai

To make the most out of your educational, professional and personal activities, you will need to have a fit and fully energetic body. Your response should be Ayurvedic, but to do so, you will need to know more in detail about this type of massage that is 100% herbal in nature.

Types of Vedic massage therapies:

  • Sarvanga Abhyanga – This is a full body Ayurvedic massage
  • Shiro Abhyanga – In Vedic therapy this is head massage.
  • Pad Abhyanga – This is foot massage therapy
  • Marma Massage – Recommend for pressure points
  • Kerala Foot Massage – The name says it all, it’s a South Indian Massage therapy focused mainly on feet
  • Postnatal Vedic Massage –  Vata-pacifying therapy for new moms
  • Vedic Newborn Therapy – Oil massage therapy for newly born babies, helps in improving their reflexes and comforts them.


Ayurveda Massage In Dubai, Time To Snore!


If you are among those who work hard with honesty for long hours and in doing so, most of the time you tend to forget and compromise on your sleeping, resting, eating and socializing routines, things may not be very promising in the longer run as far as your body performance is concerned.

While faced with such situations, especially in complex markets of UAE, one may start losing health and efficient body response that is backed with highly re-charged attitude towards work.

Ayurveda Dubai

People operating in such situations know that they will never come out of such demanding situations at all; therefore they ensure that they are backed with professionals associated with the massaging industry. This enables them to squeeze out sometime once or twice a month so that they can visit their finally shortlisted massage therapists for herbal therapies like Ayurveda Dubai or other conventional therapies.

It however may entirely depend on what type suits their mood and skin type the most. Although the routine practices also have little or no side-effects yet the demands are escalating at a constant pace for herbal trends. The improved awareness levels from public about the way Vedic massaging products are abstracted and its elongated history seems to have won their confidence.

Experts are of the view that this type of massage in Dubai is going to rule for good and soon times will come where amplified competitions will take place with more and more service providers in the said niche will enter the markets here and this will help the competitive trends to perk up, rates will come done and it would be the clients who will be enjoying all these happenings to the fullest in the longer run.

People, who go for such therapies on regular basis are of the view that these therapies actually compensate their habit of forgetting about their health, sleep, eating and resting routines. They also believe that such massage therapies somewhat recharge their overall body and allows them to start each day with a fresh and positive mind and body.


In order to keep your body performance smooth and go about tasks in fully recharged passion, you will need to look for a professional, reliable, certified and affordable massage therapist that is located near to you. Booking an appointment and visiting them on regular intervals is going to help you a great deal by keeping your body in shape and performance intact.


Whether use massage or physiotherapy, it improves the remedy


Are you suffering from lower back pain? Is groin injury hindering your muscles to work freely? Is the wrist extremely painful? We can experience severe pain in any body part due to countless reasons. The soreness can be discomforting. Apart from taking medicines there are natural ways of healing. The unnecessary stress may be causing disruption in functioning. The weakening can be strengthened by alternative source of treatment. The pain will eventually subside.

Physiotherapy duabi

Alternative medication has grown in stature:

70% people speak in favor of the prowess of alternative medication. The rationale is simple. It promotes flexible options that the users want. The best alternative can be selected among the list of options. Whether it is the joint, tendons or muscles Physiotherapy Dubai has designed meaningful interventions for each pain point.

The muscles release stress when squeezed gently. Professionals do it better and know why certain muscles need better kneading. The functional capacity of each muscle is different. Special procedures can be designed to provide relaxation. This beauty of this procedure is that it is age specific. Children need highly sensitive rub. Adults require a different way to release stress. Pregnant woman would require a highly specialized rub that is expertly executed. The coping mechanism designed by massage in Dubai can relate to any condition that requires specialized treatment.

The outcome must be measurable. Short lived interventions fail to generate the desired sustainable results. How much is more needed to restore health? Customized therapies can outline how much is best possible treatment for an individual.  Pain and limitation to overcoming it can be quite distressing. The personalized treatment therapies utilize each feature of the problem and incorporating the most optimum procedure to eliminate it.

massage in Dubai


The human body functions in coordination. Each muscle is synchronized to perform a particular action. The specialist treatment recommended by experts can improve the healing possibilities for the individual. Cramps and inflammation of joints are widespread problems that people experience. Any imbalance must be restored. Furthermore prevention of recurrence of the problem must also be addressed.

Severe inflexibility and stiffness can prevent the body to perform normal activities like walking; driving etc. the detection of the problem and building coping mechanism must systematically address the different ways of healing. As discussed above the personalized treatment for people with specific requirement as per their age can enhance the quality of the outcome.

Massage Today – Work Tomorrow!

massage in Dubai

Things you need to do before going for a good massage in Dubai:

1. Avoid eating food just before having a massage.
2. Leave early, so you can make it on time, rushing may take longer for you to relax!.
3. In case you are allergic with oils, creams and lotions, you must inform your massage therapist.
4. Don’t be shy, you must report any discomfort during the massage session.
5. Try not to get off too fast of the massage table, your muscles may not ready for quick moves.
6. Drink sufficient water after massage.
7. Try to go for massage on a weekend.
8. Don’t take shower immediately after massage.
9. Prefer herbal massage therapies like Ayurveda.

While working in complex markets of UAE most people have this one habit in common, i.e. going for a good massage every once in a while. This enables them to shape up and fine tune their body for it to be able to cope with the day to day tasks and workload.

They believe that going for a good massage in Dubai enables them to press that refresh button which enables them to get rid of the stiffness and tiring feeling. The rise in demands for such services has encouraged experts and professionals to enter UAE markets from all over the globe with huge variation in massage therapies.

Here it is important to mention that people with medical conditions such as physical injuries like sprain injury, stretched tissue, muscles that are pulled and other similar conditions may consider physiotherapy Dubai oriented practices instead. Massage practices are meant to provide one with relaxed feelings and shoving away stiffness and stress caused by workload and hectic routines.

How An Ayurveda Massage Therapist Work To Relieve Pain?

This is a rare observation to see an Ayurveda massage practice on an old-style bodywork table. The fact is that it is a traditional practice which is often performed. Such an old-fashioned kneading practice is normally performed in the same traditional way.

To further explore this treatment approach, let’s see how a therapist conducts this. Most often, massage therapist initiates this practice using a mat. However, general therapists, including massage specific therapists use a dissimilar mat based on two separate sheets.

Ayurveda Dubai

The upper sheet is made from reeds while futon mattresses are mostly used as the bottom sheet. The reeds layer is added for the reason to keep the futon mattress oil free. To make the process more traditional, Ayurveda Dubai based treatment centers often use massage specific chairs to better benefit the patient.

Pressure Points That Are The Main Focus Of Therapists:

Although therapists usually focus on the whole body, but their core target stays on the pressure points. In Ayurveda kneading, these points are different as compared to the rest of massage practices. Marmas is an ayurvedic term used for these points.

The human body is based on 5 important elements, including ligaments, muscular system, joints, vessels and the skeletal system. The point these elements meet together is believed to be the pressure point in Ayurveda. The idea is that these points are triggered and diseases are treated.

Circular motion for triggering these pressure points is an ideal way of removing toxins from the body. Both the middle and forefingers are involved in performing such a circular motion. Most of the principles related to Ayurveda kneading demonstrate a total of 107 key pressure points that must be treated this way.

Advantages Of Ayurveda Massage:

Alone, Ayurveda massage is not sufficient for proper recovery. Effective results can be obtained once this practice is maintained together with the rest of the principles. Maintaining a prescribed diet and regular exercise must be continuously conducted to ensure fast recovery.

Massage in Dubai

Regular exercise and the intake of healthy diet are both the recommendations of Ayurveda massage in Dubai. Some of the key benefits that such massages usually offer when it is maintained together with these supporting principles include:

  • It detoxifies and purifies the body.
  • The efficiency of the immune system is enhanced.
  • Maintain a vigorous health of the healthy individuals.
  • Accelerates the recovery process of patients having certain medical conditions.
  • It maintains an overall well-being.
  • It reduces the stress level of individuals.
  • The blood circulation is improved to an efficient level.
  • Body awareness is altered and improved.
  • It refreshes the body, improve its energy and help it repair quickly.
  • It is highly stimulating a vigorous skin.
  • It promotes a deep recreation.

Teach pain a lesson through Physiotherapy and Massage


The back pain is a growing problem among either gender. The lack of appropriate posture and the immobility converge the inadequate weight distribution on the back, this can be painful experience for any individual.

Physiotherapy Dubai

How to address the issue of back pain?

There should be a customized strategy to approach the pain management procedure. The idea should be to lower the pain, improve the functionality and strictly adhere to a pain management programs. The rehabilitation process that personalize the immediate needs of the individual can be crafted by Physiotherapy Dubai.

A range of different applications can be employed depending on the nature of pain and the procedural needs that offer the best outcome for the patient. You might require

  • Ice pack application
  • Application of Heat
  • Electric simulation
  • Physical Exercises
  • All the above

The strain simply drain the energy:

Life is a combination of happiness and stress. The mood affects the mind and body. In tense situations the muscles tend to cramp. The soft tissues need some soothing impact. Massage in Dubai has established a facility to deliver tailored solutions to people suffering from anxiety and uneasiness.

The natural tenderness that the sensitive muscles experience from massage bring about immense relief.

Why enlist a specialist?

Many of you believe that Massage can be performed by anyone. This may not be the case. The manner in which it has prospered as an industry signify the value of expert masseurs performing the actions. From sportsperson to age related issue massage has sorted out a range of different muscular and immobility problems that people of all ages have experienced.

The prevention from future inflammation of the pain is a recurring issue for many. It is significant to adhere to a fixed routine that can extend convinced outcomes. Specialist can design the frequency of the treatment so that regular intervention produce coherent results.

Why be optimistic:

There are pros and cons of every intervention. From the perspective of health the instant requirement is recovery from the problem. Once recovered it becomes easier to start a maintenance program. Keeping up with a defined health regime advance the rapid progression of rehabilitation and restoration.

Massage in Dubai


The diversity that alternative medication offer is tremendous. The individual can seek the most applicable treatment regime that suits their lifestyle.

Ask for help. The pouring belief in relief provided by alternative medication is reaching new heights.